European Payments

Frankfurt, Germany, 23 March 2015
Countdown to conference

Beyond SEPA

The rush to compliance for the official Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) ‘end date’ in February 2014 should not be seen as an ending, rather as a beginning.

Now the European Commission has allowed a ‘transitional period’ for Payment Service Users to 1 August 2014, there’s a bit of grace for migration for processing legacy payments. Here’s a chance to use it.

For those companies who opted for projects simply to comply with the migration deadline, the opportunity now is to take better advantage of the new European payments landscape and gain real benefits. For those still battling with legacy issues and deadlines, this conference will be there to help tie off the loose ends.

This, EuroFinance’s second annual one-day European payments event, will focus on the new landscape. The conference is for companies who are, or want to, use the changed regulations as a springboard for centralisation, gaining process efficiencies and cutting costs.

The agenda is built upon the ongoing research we are undertaking within our European Payments peer group and this will ensure that the topics covered are both relevant and timely.

The 2015 programme is currently being researched.

2014 programme highlights

  • How to overcome problems that still exist with SEPA migration
  • Now is the time to make the most out of improved connectivity
  • Benefits in practice - using SEPA to streamline your payments factory
  • Live benchmarking with your treasury peers – are you behind of ahead of the curve?
  • Going beyond basic compliance to “best in class”
  • Legacy systems - what’s going to last?
  • Can you get rid of some of your banks?
  • European payments in the future – welcome to eSEPA

Who should attend?

Members of corporate SEPA and payments teams from treasury, cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, finance and IT.

European payments solution providers who want to meet with and better understand the needs of corporate treasurers.

The 2015 programme is currently being researched. For further information, please email

What some of our conference delegates say about us

"An excellent platform for networking with peers and sharing economic data and best practice real life case studies. Best in the class for this type of event!"

"The speakers were very knowledgeable in their fields and made good use of practical examples in their presentations."